Water Damage Photo Gallery

Wet Carpeting

This photo shows wet carpeting from a water loss in the Green Bay area. A member of Team SERVPRO of West Brown County has pulled the carpet back to show the flooring underneath, which is also wet. This flooding was caused by a burst pipe.

Pulling Up Carpet Pad

This photo shows our team pulling up carpet padding that was damaged by flooding in the Green Bay area. When carpet experiences water damage, most times the padding underneath needs to be removed because of that damage and the risk of pathogens growing in the padding. Our SERVPRO team will pull back the carpeting, remove the pad, throw the pad away and put the carpeting back. In most cases the carpet can be saved, but if it can't, our technicians will know what steps to take next.

Carpet Delamination

This photo shows what is called carpet delamination. This happens when the secondary backing on the carpet separates from the primary backing. This can happen when a carpeted area experiences flooding and/or high traffic. Delamination is a serious issue and means that the carpet needs to be completely removed. SERVPRO of West Brown County is on the lookout for this when we respond to water damage in the Green Bay area.

Flooded Hallway

This is the hallway of a Green Bay area business that experienced flooding after a late-April blizzard. Several parts of the business and its office had water spill in thanks to a broken sprinkler head. SERVPRO of West Brown County came in to clean up the water, dry everything out and clear away any debris that was left behind. If you have issues with water damage, let us know!

Water Makes a Mess

This photo shows the aftermath of a water leak in a Green Bay Area home. Once a leak happens the water leaves behind quite a mess. SERVPRO of West Brown County is able to clean up the mess and any damage that might come with it.

Debris from Water Damage

When unwanted water strikes, like from a flood or leaking pipes, it can cause structural damage. This is some debris from a site we're helping clean up after such an incident.

Water Damage Issues

Unwanted water poses many dangers. Depending on what happens and how long the water sits, it can cause structural damage. That can mean issues like warped or ruined ceilings and drywall. This photo is from a Green Bay area home that experienced a pipe leak in the ceiling of a finished basement.

Water to Ice

At SERVPRO of West Brown County we deal with water damage of all kinds, in all seasons. This is a look at the outside of a house from winter 2018 that dealt with water damage. You can see how the water turned to ice outside.

SERVPRO Takes Care of Water Damage at Lambeau Field

During the construction of the new player's training facility at Lambeau Field, a water pipe sprung a leak and SERVPRO of West Brown County was called in to dry out the structure.  It is always a pleasure working at such an iconic destination right here in our backyard!

SERVPRO has the Right Equipment for Your Job

SERVPRO of West Brown County has the specialized equipment necessary to properly dry your business or residence.  In this photo, we are injecting forced air into the wall cavities to effectively dry out the wall.