Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Fire Cleaning Set Up

This photo shows part of the set up our crew did to clean up after a house fire in the Green Bay area. You can see there are plastic sheets hanging to keep soot and smoke particles from spreading to unaffected areas of the house.

Drying with Containment Set-Up

This is a good example of a drying set up at a water loss in the Green Bay area. When a home experiences some kind of flooding, that often results in a flooded basement. Along with flooding, our technicians will often find mold growth as well. That means the techs will need to dry the water and provide mold remediation. This photo shows fans set up to dry the floor and walls, and a plastic containment "wall" set up to keep any mold spores contained to the affected area so they don't spread to the rest of the house.

Current Team Photo

This is a current photo of team SERVPRO of West Brown County. A few smiling faces are missing, including Brandon, Scott, Georgia and Alex (who took the photo!). We're always rather busy, so it's tough to get everyone in the same place at once!

Mold Behind the Walls

This photo shows mold growing behind the walls in a Green Bay area home. Our technicians removed some of the building materials to find the mold and properly remove it. This photo shows why it's so important to have any water damage or mold growth taken care of professionally. If you do not, the damage on the surface might be taken care of, but only the professionals can find and take care of the damage hiding underneath.

Insulation After Fire

This photo shows what the insulation looks like from a home after a fire. You can see evidence of the smoke and soot that made its way into the walls, into the insulation itself. This illustrates just how pervasive fire damage can be and you can imagine the smell it leaves behind! SERVPRO of West Brown County is able to properly clean this kind of damage and remove any residual odors.

Hauling Away Trash

Oftentimes, when SERVPRO of West Brown County cleans up after fire, flood or mold, team members need to tear out damaged building materials and other non-salvageable items. Part of the job for the techs is to properly pick up, contain and throw away all of those materials. This photo shows some trash from a job site, ready to be taken to the dumb.

Flood from Window

This photo shows a Green Bay area home that experienced flooding. The water actually poured in through a window, leaving behind this standing water. We have a short video of the water pouring in through the window of in the video gallery here on our website if you would like to see it.

Our Fleet is on the Scene

A rare sighting! A fleet of our vehicles at a commercial water loss in the Green Bay area. The trucks certainly stand out and look lovely lined up like that. However, it's important to note, this shows just how important a prompt, effective response is to our team. If you have an emergency that requires all hands on deck, SERVPRO of West Brown County will be there for you.

Deconstruction Before Reconstruction

This photo shows the aftermath of a home that experienced flooding thanks to a broken refrigerator line. That water then sat for about a week. In this case our technicians needed to remove floorboards, baseboards, sheetrock and more materials to ensure they were able to properly dry the home. The drying process often leaves rooms looking like this. However, the next step is for our team to reconstruct! Team members will plan what needs to be done and put the home back in its original order.

Be on the Lookout!

If this vehicle doesn't grab your attention, we don't know what will! Keep your eyes peeled for this car driving around Green Bay and all over Northeast Wisconsin. Our employee Jim Knopf is usually driving it. If you see Jim, say hello!


SERVPRO of West Brown County is getting in on the kindness rocks/painted rocks craze! Our marketing folks will be placing these orange and green rocks around the Green Bay area. If you find one, post a photo on our social media pages! We hope these little guys brighten your day!

Meet Boo

This is a photo of Boo! Boo is the office dog and mascot for SERVPRO of West Brown County. Franchise owners Mike and Georgia Bogenschuetz own Boo and love him very much! While Boo is in the office a few days a week, this photo shows him on a break, after a bath!