Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Carpet Mold Cleanup

SERVPRO was able to clean and restore this carpet mold location.

Mold and Mushrooms Growing in Home

These before and after photos are from a Green Bay area home. SERVPRO of West Brown County was called in to help clean up after a boiler broke, causing flooding... READ MORE

Mold in Eaves

When mold decides to start growing in a home or business, it doesn't just grow in easy to see or reach places. It's often found in basements, crawl spaces and a... READ MORE

Moldy Walls

Mold is a fungus that tends to grow rapidly in thick colonies. It can grow on materials of all kinds and thrives in wet and humid environments. These photos sho... READ MORE

Mold Close Up

The before shot in this case shows what mold can look like up close and personal. The Environmental Protection Agency says mold can cause immediate and delayed ... READ MORE

Mold Behind Walls

Mold can be a very tricky fungus. It likes to grow on wet, porous materials and can grow very fast. What makes it especially sneaky is that it sometimes grows b... READ MORE

Mold Remediation Safety

When it comes to mold remediation and clean up, there are specific steps we at SERVPRO of West Brown County take to ensure the air is safe while we perform that... READ MORE

Mold on Ceiling

In this situation we had mold growing inside a Green Bay area home. We use special HEPA vacuums and air scrubbers to help clean up mold like this. Sometimes it'... READ MORE